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step into our world where luxury meets sustainability. whether you're treating yourself or searching for the perfect gift; we take pride in offering elegant, bold, eco-friendly products for you to discover + enjoy.

indulge in our collection of beautifully handcrafted candles; each designed to easily refill or repurpose, ensuring both elegance and sustainability. elevate your home decor by adding a touch of personal expression to every corner with our custom engraved goods.

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so dane clean

➳ high quality ingredients: we believe in keeping things pure + simple. our candles are made with a luxurious, vegan coconut apricot crème wax + clean, non-toxic fragrances.

➳ refillable + repurposable: don't sacrifice luxury for sustainability. our candles are all designed for longevity + are refillable / repurposable to ensure an environmentally friendly product.

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candle gift boxes

our candle gift boxes are the perfect gesture of thoughtfulness whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to show someone you care.

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we’ve teamed up with karin, the creative force behind TheBlackDoorCo., to offer an extensive selection of unique + expertly crafted goods💥!!! 

from custom engraved candles to personalized cups + notebooks… we’ve got something for everyone.

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dane good's ceo / the real boss of the operation. this is miss lady lucy, kelly's great dane, in collinsville, ct

giving back ♡

we donate a portion of all sales to a pet rescue organization... THANK YOU for your support, we couldn't do it without you! xo

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