my name is kelly, owner of dane good + lady is my sweet great dane!

dane good was founded in 2022 with the goal of bringing you high quality, handmade products that can be shared with your family, friends, pets + used daily in your home. whether you're buying a self-care product for yourself, an accessory for your dog or a custom engraved gift for a friend; we THANK YOU for your support! we donate a portion of all sales to a pet rescue organization + our mission is to continue sharing our creations with you while also benefitting animals in need.

we use clean, non-toxic ingredients + are always brainstorming ways to create exceptional products while eliminating waste + optimizing each stage of productions. we have made MANY changes in the past year; we are so grateful to all of you for watching us grow, spreading the word, giving us great feedback + constantly supporting us. 

we recently combined forces with karin, talented engraving artist + owner of theblackdoorco. to bring you a gorgeous selection of custom engraved products. karin’s creativity + design skills transform everyday items into lifelong keepsakes.

we love hearing from you :) please feel free to reach out with questions, suggestions or just to say hello!

kelly + lady

in memory of ceez ♡